Monday, April 2, 2018

Phenomenal Woman of the Month: Chenitha Ellis

Chenitha W. Ellis, Owner/Chef

HurryBack Catering, LLC
(512) 766-5515 |

Facebook | Twitter- @hurrybackcajun
Instagram- @hurrybackcaterin_llc

1. What does Phenomenal Woman mean to you? 

Mrs. Chenitha Ellis, CEO of HurryBack Catering LLC.
A Phenomenal woman is a queen that is strong but not necessarily in a physical strength. Her curves do not define her. She is beautiful inside and out and wears it with confidence. She wears her crown daily and those around her recognize it. She wears many hats- wife, mama (3 princes), entrepreneur, counselor, sister, friend, confidant- and will make sure each role is being perfected. She is resilient and will stop at nothing to ensure her family and others around her are cared for.

2. What is your brand and how did you get started? 

Chenitha Ellis is the CEO and chef of HurryBack Catering, LLC. She was born and raised in Monroe, LA. We specialize in Cajun and soul food and everything in between. No job is too big or small. We do weddings, corporate parties/meetings, family reunions, birthday parties and other social events.  We also offer personal chef services and family/personal meals to go services.

I have been cooking with my mom, grandma, aunt and sisters since I can remember. My entire family can cook. Cooking in our family has always been a great bonding time and a passion of mine.  Cooking is more of a relaxing and therapeutic session rather than a job/career. I have since realized it is a gift of mine. When I moved to San Marcos in 2014 I saw a need for something I was passionate about- great food. HurryBack Catering, LLC was born February 2015.

HurryBack Catering, LLC developed an annual event and ongoing initiative to feeding homeless and less fortunate-HurryBack Giving Back: One Meal at a Time (2015). HurryBack Catering also partnered with the local Women's Shelter to provide clothes, books and prepared food for the women and children there. These are fulfilling events. It does not matter how much you have. We should always look to give back and support what is around you. This includes ones that could not support you or themselves. We accept donations for these events.

3. What is your dream goal and how do you plan on achieving it? 

My dream is spread the love and passion I put in my food around the world. Everybody deserves to taste the love that is out in each and every dish created by HurryBack Catering, LLC.

4. Name a moment that inspired you to feel more confident and inspired you to be comfortable in the skin you are in.   

I have always been comfortable in my own skin. I was raised to know that I was beautiful and great the way I was born. I find myself constantly reminding young ladies the same thing. I think it’s pointless to be full of encouragement and positivity and not spread it on to other lovelies. When women are lifted, the world is lifted.

5. Name a person (dead or alive) that you look up to and why?

I do not have particular women that I look up to however I appreciate the women around the world that are definitely making a difference and paving the way for us. Well, with that being said I do have to say my mom was a brilliant, phenomenal woman. My mom always taught us not to wait on opportunity, create it.

6. When it comes to being a woman, what do you feel should be the three core values that a lady should uphold?  

(I may have doubled that LOL)

7. Favorite quote and what it means to you?   “Every meal is perfect because I prepare it with at least one cup of love” Mama (Tonya Renee Williams 4/7/64-1/28/1999)

8. Piece of advice that you would give to young girls who aren't confident with themselves? 

 You are perfect the way you are. Define YOUrself. Ride life until the wheels fall off.

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